Prayer to jQuery, the holy library
May 15, 2009, 3:30 am
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You sure know about jQuery. The fantastically fast, concise, performant and hype-er-ously popular javascript library. and I forgot to say the word: magic.

Even though its way better that peace on earth, its gotta have some delta with the previously known perfection : Prototype.
And that delta gotta have some part that sometimes makes the balance go positive on the prototype’s side. That’s for sure. Its in the universe’s own definition.

Prototype’s $ takes elements or an id directly and it doesn’t care.

jQuery badly request the # for ids, following the CSS religion.

But I want to be able to pass around ids, HTMLelements (as the w3c specified them some 10 years ago) or extended element (be it a jQuery object or prototype’s Element) and not bothering more about that than to dollarsign-it to be sure it stands at the same level as me, the highest level of course! You would not want to talk to those others people that are *lower* than you, it just feels disgusting, especially in my oh-so ever-clean, zen and pure javascript code.

Mmmh that felt so good. But I guess, I  just don’t still fully get the (new)holy library.

Here’s the prayer : Oh lordy API that turns the dirty DOM into cleverness, Hear my pain by making your Christ the Dollar-sign be more inclusive by treating strings without clothes just as equals as their sharply dressed brothers, the selectors.

update: and yeah, make sure to make it fast cause I’m gonna call it all the time for all and nothing. But I’m already convinced that you do care about speed

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