WiiAsk… and they Answer?
March 25, 2009, 5:16 pm
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Nintendo listening to its customer? That’s new! (reputation quand tu nous tiens)

Still, they are far from using something like GetSatisfaction or UserVoice

…but this update is sure the only one so far to get me that *exited*. Bah the reality is:  Support for games on SD was desperately needed to the point to ask for a Wii 2.0 already (OK only as long its friendly with wii games and wii-wares and wii-virtual-console and those other Rock Band 2 things I bought and will buy). I’m telling you, the thing only has 512mb onboard. That is, with my scientific calcul, only 13 games like the magnifique World of goo.

Anyways this good news is only to learn about an old bad one. No SDHC.  There is these day when the Wii sure feels like the console of the last deceny. As soon as you start looking under the hood or that you hook up the graphic to your big TV its “back to the future” time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Wii more that any other shooting and sporting console. But Nintendo could push all this splendid innovation so much higher. Many investors are or were betting on this. Users are still fantasizing about all the possibilities, like :

  • Support for two Wii Balance Board would allow for snowboard, skate, or butt competition with your friend.
  • The games in Wii fit are so enjoyable but so short lived, even my dad has gone though them in an hour.
  • The Wiimote itself could live a second life as a pointer for the living room PC
  • The Wifi is just starting to be used, imagine Wii sport but online!

Video game consoles : love that you know will die. (and you invest in it)

UPDATE : If the  guys over HomeBrew Channel can do SDHC (amazing!) I’m sure Nintendo should be able to.

UPDATE : So they did, I’ve just copied a game to a 8GB SDHC card and played the game from it.

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